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Rainey Property Management Services

We have outlined our services below.  If you would rather have a telephone conversation to understand what we do then please talk to our Vice President of Operations, Vicki McGrew.  Or email[email protected]

Our Philosophy

We manage property a little differently than most managers. Instead of being the manager who makes all the decisions for you, we believe we are your eyes and ears so we manage the property with your input. For example, when we have applicants vetted and ready for approval, we give you our educated opinion then we ask if you believe this is the right person for your property. When repairs are requested, we consult you on how you want to approach the repairs. We use this same philosophy on every aspect of property management. We have managed thousands of properties, and we find every owner has unique ideas on how they want their property handled. We try to handle things the way you would want them.

Your Management Options with Rainey